Lincoln Jaeger

Media Composer


I'm a media composer working in the fields of trailer music, production music and scoring to picture with a BA in Jazz and an MMus in Ethnomusicology. I have over 100 Hollywood and Game trialer placements to my name, thousands of production music placements and am the composer of the Netflix series Börü, subsequent motion picture film and follow on series, Börü 2039. You can listen to the three soundtrack albums on Spotify:

Börü 2039 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Börü (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Börü (Original Netflix Mini Series Soundtrack)

I am also the co-founder of digital sheet music website, for which I arranged over 3,000 pieces. If you are interested in hearing me talk about my musical career, I was interviewed for this podcast.

lincolnjaeger · Demo Reel 2 (Private)

Trailer/Advert/Scoring Showreel